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If you apply yourself khổng lồ something, you work hard at it, directing your abilities và efforts in a determined way so that you succeed: khổng lồ officially ask for something such as a job, a place on a course, or a loan, usually by completing a special size or writing a letter: if something such as a rule, condition, or tax applies, it affects a particular person or situation: We have applied a sophisticated, automated algorithm lớn identify the low-amplitude (y0.01 mag), brief (yfew hours) signatures of transiting exoplanets. Results from a single human feeding study are available but unfortunately only high doses, resulting in high attack rates were applied. Logistic regression was then applied lớn obtain maximumlikelihood estimates of the effect of exposures on the outcome of interest whilst controlling for confounding. 298 the mã sản phẩm can be applied, with some advantage, lớn understand the results of more complicated experiments as discussed, for example, in the present paper.

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A modest voltage applied to lớn this electrode is then used khổng lồ turn on the current during the flat por tion of the main accelerating pulse. Depending on how the rule theorist thinks rules are applied, there is further trouble for him with the sort of working-out being suggested.

Individuals possessing personal pensions have khổng lồ bear the investment risk, because the contracted-out condition cannot be applied khổng lồ a money purchase scheme. những quan điểm của những ví dụ quan yếu hiện quan điểm của các biên tập viên hoặc của University Press hay của các nhà cung cấp phép.


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