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In what situations should "not until" be used in a sentence? Is the combination of the two a conjunction? If it is placed to the beginning of a sentence, should the main clause become an inverted sentence? Thank you very much for addressing my concern!

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When a sentence begins with the phrase "not until", the subject và auxiliary verb in the first clause, immediately after not until, are not inverted. However, in the second clause, the subject and auxiliary verb are inverted.

i.e. Not until we reached the lake, did we realize how beautiful it was

The grammatical structure of the sentence is the following:

Not until (1st clause: subject + auxiliary verb) (2nd clause: auxiliary verb + subject)

Several grammar books define it as an idiom as it is used khổng lồ emphasize that something does not happen before a certain point in time or before something else has happened.

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The answer is: